Ella's Book Club

Ella’s Book Club

Just released New Years day, 2016… I was only aiming for a few weeks earlier so that’s good for me, but the important thing is, it’s free.This is a set of four mini games, Follow the Leader (repeating pattern memory game), Ducks in a Row (one or two player 4 in a row game), SnowBuddys Memory game, which is a classic memory game where you try to find all the cards that are the same, and the last one is a dancing snow man dress up game, where you can purchase costumes and outfits from playing the other mini games.
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Proud to announce the first of hopefully many books, The Three Little Pigs. This book is primarily meant to entertain toddler aged children, and well, it works at least a little so that’s a start. The book is available free, no ads, nothing to purchase, just download the app and enjoy.

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If you like this book, then like us on Facebook, follow on Twitter @Dandelion_Games, or just bookmark this page and visit now and then, more books are on the way and that’ll be the easiest way to find out about them. I’m a small time guy and I need the help of strangers on the internet to help spread the word so that more people can enjoy the books, so I hope you’ll tell your friends, family, and maybe even rate the app on the Google Play store.

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